Giving to Our Mission

Help seniors in need live well in a quality and affordable home they deserve.

We believe that every senior and person with a disability should be able to live a healthy and safe life as they age. As our philanthropic foundation, Embrace Living Charities helps fulfill this belief through funding various resident empowerment and community development initiatives focused on creating quality homes and enriching lives.

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Our Guiding Principles

Embrace Living Charities’ funding initiatives are guided by three principles.

Empower action.

Help residents live their lives fully and positively impact others by providing access to opportunities that offer self-enrichment, mission and good stewardship to the community around them.

Amplify a united voice.

Be a powerful voice supporting aging adults’ rights to housing and enabling others to join the campaign.

Nurture living well.

Foster on-site wellness programs delivered in partnerships with neighboring experts and internal resources so residents can live better and with more enriching experiences.

Embrace Living Charities

Funding Initiatives

Communities That Live Well Programs
Provides finances that help close gaps common in governmental funding channels for partner-driven health services and programs, exercise equipment and capital improvements that further resident health and wellness.

  • Exercise equipment – purchasing new and replacement exercise equipment for community areas, accessible to residents 24/7.
  • Wellness and mental health programs – funding to facilitate community partnerships with organizations that have expertise in individual and group wellness courses and programs. Funds also help cover costs for on-site resident activities that promote socialization and increased mental health such as games and craft materials.
  • Visiting health clinic resources (in partnership with Advocate Aurora Health and other local health systems) – funding for personal protective equipment, medical supplies and operational costs to provide seasonal health clinics at select Embrace Living Communities.
  • Continued education opportunities – funding to help residents cover subscription and other administrative costs associated with third-party education or personal interest classes.

Technology for Senior Connection
A program that provides residents an opportunity to explore and grow their understanding of ways to connect with loved ones online. The program also funds new technology equipment needs for a community’s computer center, like software programs, cameras and microphones, tablets and computers.

Environmental Stewardship Education
Opportunities for a guided course that helps residents further understand their impact on the health of the environment we all share. The course would provide practical ways residents can become the best possible stewards of the environment while living in an Embrace Living Community.

Residents in the Community Volunteer Program
Provides funding to support administrative and transportation costs so residents can volunteer in the community at causes meaningful to them.

Gifts in Action $250,000+ raised in 2020 for resident wellness initiatives across communities

Community Expansion and Environmental Sustainability Projects
Provides funding to investments related to community improvements and property expansion. Energy-efficient improvements were already implemented based on the Green Retrofit Grant that was awarded to two of the Embrace Living Communities.

On-Site Social Service Coordinator Program
A majority of Embrace Living Communities have a full-time social service coordinator on-site to help residents connect to needed community resources, like medical offices, food programs, insurance and government aid programs, religious groups and more. Embrace Charities partners and donated funds will support us as we develop and enhance existing and new programs.

Affordable Housing Advocacy
In partnership with Leading Age and the Council for Health and Human Service Ministries, Embrace Living Communities’ administrative team and local managers participate in various regional and national affordable housing advocacy events.

Gifts in Action $1,200,000, and counting raised, in last decade for environmental sustainability improvements at several communities

Why Our Work Matters

7.4 million housing units

The current shortage of subsidized affordable housing units in the United States.

45% underfunded

Millions of retiring seniors will not have enough money to maintain their homes in retirement.

22% have unmet health needs

Millions of low-income seniors say their health needs go unmet.

Additional Ways to Give


Create a legacy giving plan to provide your support to our funding initiatives for the decades to come.

Property & Securities

Give property or securities to make a long-term impact to an affordable housing community near you.

Corporate Sponsorship

Become a corporate partner to support affordable housing in your community.

Special Events/ Campaign Section

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Resident Story: Xaun

Xaun, also known to many as Theresa, is a retired nurse from China. She came to America with her two children in 1990 so they could receive a proper education. She lived with her children for almost five years, and then found an independent home at Peace Memorial Manor. She was attracted to the community because it was close to her children yet had a thriving community of its own. She immediately found peace and comfort in her daily living.

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