Consulting Services

Whether it’s advising on protocols for property upkeep and reducing energy costs, HUD compliance or effective social services for residents, our team focuses on deinstitutionalizing properties to create special homes and living communities for seniors and people with disabilities that operate at the highest standards.

Consulting Areas of Expertise

Our consultants work with affordable housing properties located in several regions across the U.S. We help support and advance a variety of property maintenance and operational issues, and we’ve developed deep expertise in three key areas.

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs

Ensure policies and practices are within Federal and local regulations and laws, and facilities meet inspection standards.

Capital Planning & Budget Optimization

Develop long-term capital planning, physical asset protection and conservation plans.

Energy Sustainable Efficiencies

Create sustainability strategies to incorporate into redevelopment and capital improvement projects.

Leading team with unmatched experience

Our team members serve residents’ unique needs and encourage them to live well with independence, all while developing plans that preserve property assets and make the community viable for the future ahead.

Defining Excellence in Affordable Housing

Embrace Living Property Solutions has managed affordable communities for more than 125 years. We help owners and developers by creating operational efficiencies, maintaining property assets and enriching residents’ lives so that their communities can sustain and grow to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities for future decades.

Embrace Living Property Solutions

Resident Story: Xaun

Xaun, also known to many as Theresa, is a retired nurse from China. She came to America with her two children in 1990 so they could receive a proper education. She lived with her children for almost five years, and then found an independent home at Peace Memorial Manor. She was attracted to the community because it was close to her children yet had a thriving community of its own. She immediately found peace and comfort in her daily living.

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