Embracing Generations

Embracing Generations is an intergenerational program launched at Latin School of Chicago that promotes relationship building and mutual learning among students and our senior residents. This is facilitated through programming for students and seniors that focuses on areas such as health and wellness, education, creativity and socialization. Our goal is that everyone involved gets something out of Embracing Generations. We want students and residents alike to learn something new and build relationships that leave participants feeling empowered.

Connections That Count

“I think that our community has been very open and excited to engage with our club. Every time we’ve gone, we’ve gotten great feedback that students are getting to know the residents better.” – Maddie Gaines, rising senior at Latin School of Chicago

Types of Activities

You will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities with our residents. Areas of volunteering include:

  • Fitness courses
  • Technology support
  • Art therapy & crafting
  • Creative performances
  • Gardening
  • Bingo and other games
  • Encouragement cards
Currently Established At

Embracing Generations Partners with Latin School of Chicago

Embracing Generations is a community service program we facilitate with students at local schools. One school, Latin School of Chicago, is partnering with us to build meaningful relationships between students and residents at our North Orchard Place community in Downtown Chicago.

Embrace Living Property Solutions

Resident Story: Xaun

Xaun, also known to many as Theresa, is a retired nurse from China. She came to America with her two children in 1990 so they could receive a proper education. She lived with her children for almost five years, and then found an independent home at Peace Memorial Manor. She was attracted to the community because it was close to her children yet had a thriving community of its own. She immediately found peace and comfort in her daily living.

Start a Program at Your School

Embracing Generations is an impactful intergenerational program for any high school. Contact us to learn more about starting your own chapter!

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