Property Management Services

Embrace Living Property Solutions brings more than 125 years of trusted and proven property management services to affordable housing properties. We have 30 communities under management, serving over 2,500 seniors and people with disabilities daily. Our dedicated community teams have deep knowledge of all administrative support and capital management service requirements that protect property investment at all times.

Administrative Support Services
Compliance Regulations/Fair Housing

Ensure policies and practices are within Federal and local regulations and standards

Owner Liaison

Develop management plan specific to facility and governing body requirements

Human Resources

Handle hiring, training and any aspect of employee and candidate matters

Information & Technology

Assist with technology standards, purchases and support

Marketing Management

Oversee Affirmative Fair Housing marketing plan, community outreach and waiting lists

Accounting And Finance

Prepare budgets, statements, reports, audits, expenses and tax filings

Cash Management & Payroll

Manage withholdings, payroll, payables and receivables

Capital Management Services
Facility Maintenance

Provide building and component and systems analysis, inspection preparation and staff training

Rental & Lease Management

Collect rent, maintain records, process subsidy billing and ensure adherence to lease requirements

Resident Management

Create Tenant Selection plan, conduct interviews; and develop house rules, orientation and Resident Council

Long-Range Planning Management

Develop long-term capital planning, physical asset protection and conservation plans

Defining Excellence in Affordable Housing

Embrace Living Property Solutions has managed affordable communities for more than 125 years. We help owners and developers by creating operational efficiencies, maintaining property assets and enriching residents’ lives so that their communities can sustain and grow to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities for future decades.

Embrace Living Property Solutions

Resident Story: Lilly

Lilly is a resident at Peace Memorial Manor who is a people person committed to getting involved in any and all programming, along with starting programs for fellow residents herself. Learn more about how she’s investing in her community.

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