Social Services Coordination Program

Our dedicated social service coordinators provide valuable information and referrals to support residents’ unique health, wellness and living needs. Community partnerships are key to our quality social services, and we take pride in building local relationships that enrich residents’ lives and their ability to maintain independence.

Service Coordinator Program Priorities
  • Work with community managers to plan and provide educational programs and connect people with resources that promote healthy living, wellness and independence
  • Help residents locate necessary services that will prevent or greatly reduce premature admission to institutionalized care
  • Advocate for residents and the community
  • Inform residents on important housing and medical documents
  • Empower residents to advocate for themselves
Service Overview
Quality of Life Support & Workshops
  • Homemaker assistance
  • Home health aid adult day care
  • Incontinent supplies
  • Medical equipment procurement
  • On-Site bookmobile library
  • Fire safety workshop
  • On-Site fresh markets
Financial Education Programs
  • CEDA/LIHEAP assistance
  • Lifeline assistance program
  • Renters insurance program
  • Cable services
Community Culture & Volunteer Outreach
  • Monthly birthday celebrations
  • Monthly resident meeting
  • Movie days
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • Games (bingo, cards, etc)
  • Gardening program
  • Beauty / Personal care services
  • Resident volunteer program
  • Musical and theatrical events
  • Special events
Special Programs
  • Emergency ID bracelets
  • Commodities supplemental food program
  • Food pantry program
  • Senior health insurance program
  • Meals on wheels
Documentation Review Services
  • RTA / CTA Para – transit assistance
  • Public assistance & food stamps
  • Medicaid renewal

Meet Social Service Coordinator, Monica Grasse

Monica Grasse has made so many meaningful memories with those at the Greencastle of Mulford (Rockford, IL) community. Read the motivation behind her work and why she believes senior social connections are so important.

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Embrace Living Property Solutions has managed affordable communities for more than 125 years. We help owners and developers by creating operational efficiencies, maintaining property assets and enriching residents’ lives so that their communities can sustain and grow to meet the needs of seniors and people with disabilities for future decades.

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Linda Story

Resident Story: Linda

Each Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Linda can be found volunteering at Faith United Methodist Church’ thrift store, God’s Treasure Home, in Hudson, Florida. This experience has given her a community outside of her home at Greencastle of Bayonet Point; and because she is limited financially, she is able to support poor and homeless individuals with her time and compassionate spirit.

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