Resident Stories:

Lilly's Story

Lilly has been a resident at Peace Memorial Manor for a little over a year, and in her short time there has cemented herself as a cornerstone of the community. She is a self-described “people person” who has made a point of getting involved in any and all programming made available for residents.

This programming includes many health-based services including fall prevention courses, therapists, exercise instructors and yoga teachers. She’s also been a part of many medical clinics where she’s been COVID-tested and gotten her blood pressure and temperature taken. Last, she has loved having access to a visiting dietician whom she credits with giving her knowledge to develop good habits.

Lilly has even taken the initiative to start her own programs for other residents. She is responsible for setting up bowling and game nights to help her neighbors come out of their shells and build lasting friendships.

Her outlook has changed since coming to Embrace Living Communities. An avid traveler in her youth, Lilly now focuses her energy on finding meaningful opportunities to build community in her immediate surroundings. She believes this encourages mental and emotional wellness, which benefits everyone if the entire community is happy and healthy.

When our residents are well, they are more engaged and happy parents and grandparents, and they contribute to the welfare of their greater communities.

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