Resident Stories:

Mary Grace's Story

Mary Grace is one of the most active members of the Peace Memorial Manor community. Their building is located near a hospital and gym, and she makes a point of working out four times a week on average to stay in shape.

Concerned about the effects of aging and sitting down more frequently, Mary Grace is proactive about her health, which is reflected in the healthy habits she’s developed. These habits have allowed her to trust herself with her own care after having moved out of her son’s home and into Peace Manor.

The Embrace Living Communities staff has empowered Mary Grace in her health journey, and she’s thankful for the social service coordinators who have helped connect her and other residents with diverse programming that fits all residents’ needs, regardless of ability. She sees these programs as helpful for her neighbors who may have limited mobility or other inhibiting health-related issues.

She’s excited that health programming will expand at Peace Memorial Manor because multi-purpose areas are being renovated. Her neighbors who may not be able to get to a gym will have the ability to exercise inside their community.

When our residents are well, they are more engaged and happy parents and grandparents, and they contribute to the welfare of their greater communities.

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