Resident Stories:

Laurie's Story

Laurie is a resident at Castle Towers who has taken full advantage of the community’s walking program. Since moving in five years ago, she has been an advocate for health and wellness programming along with being the de facto tech guru of the community. She loves helping her neighbors in any way possible.

In October of 2021, Castle Towers adopted Embrace Living’s “Let’s Get Moving Together” initiative, which was made possible by a generous donation from the Congregational Church of Deerfield. This program encourages residents to walk together and track their steps via smart watch. As somebody who has consistently embraced technology, Laurie was excited to combine that interest with her passion for staying healthy.

The program encourages participants to go at their own pace based on their ability, and in the first half of 2022, Laurie walked over 400,000 steps. Her goal is to reach one million by 2023, a goal she feels confident in reaching as she wakes up early every day to walk when the weather cooperates.

Laurie is thankful for the neighbors that have supported her in her wellness journey and the positive health outcomes she has witnessed in her own life, including significant weight loss and less stress day to day. She is advocating for the expansion of the program to more communities and has even offered to train residents on how to use the technology involved.

When our residents are well, they are more engaged and happy parents and grandparents, and they contribute to the welfare of their greater communities.

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