Giving Circle

Our donors are a big part of the reason we’re able to provide our senior residents and residents with disabilities with affordable, welcoming homes where they can age with dignity. The Giving Circle recognizes Embrace Living Communities' most invested supporters, who are committed to growing our impact and advancing housing equity across the United States.

This group is reserved for donors who have made an annual donation of $300 or more. To make your donation today, visit our giving page.

How Your Donation Helps

By joining our Giving Circle, you can help us improve our programs, property and people to better meet the needs of our residents. This includes:

  • Coordinating health, social and creative programing
  • Upgrading our properties to include healthier, safer and more accessible community spaces
  • Training staff on the latest and most effective interventions to improve residents’ mental, physical and emotional health

We Believe:

We are bound together in service to others.

We extend an extravagant welcome to all who serve others, and to those they serve, regardless of their scope of services or size of organization.

We are accountable for managing all the resources entrusted to our use to support us in achieving our missions.

We stand together in faith, committed to supporting and promoting bold and innovative solutions.
We develop, inspire and support leaders at all levels who are called to serve others.

Our history has led us to serve 2,500 residents in 30 communities.

We have experienced change through our long history, but our mission to serve aging adults with communities that embrace living has remained.

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