The State of Embrace Living Communities During the Government Shutdown

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As an organization in partnership with the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) providing affordable housing, our leadership has been closely monitoring the government shutdown and its effect on our daily operations.  With so much news shared about this critical event, we want to provide a few key points regarding the shutdown’s impact on Embrace Living Communities:


1. Our community managers and team members are taking extra steps to inform residents about the latest news and service updates. We want residents to know their homes are secure, and our staff is committed to keeping them educated and comfortable during this time.

2. Although one of our HUD – funded contracts up for renewal in January did not get signed prior to government administrators being furloughed, our board and leadership members feel confident that our community operations will remain unaffected due to these unavailable funds.  We’ve been able to establish a healthy reserve over several years, and these funds will enable us to provide homes and supportive services for the weeks or months ahead, if need be.

3. Our community social service coordinators are fully funded through community budgets; therefore, important social services for our residents will continue as usual.


The government shutdown is very fluid, and we realize updates will be necessary. Please keep those supportive agencies not as financially stable in your thoughts as they navigate this difficult time.