Spring Cleaning: How Seniors Can Downsize and Declutter

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There are many things associated with the word “spring,” and “cleaning” is one of them. This season, it’s possible to make room for new beginnings in life by downsizing and decluttering one’s living space. It’s easy to let things accumulate, especially aging adults who may have a lifetime’s worth of belongings from their past in their homes. In this article, seniors can find practical strategies and helpful tips for downsizing or decluttering.


Start Small & Get Sorting  

The thought of going through an entire living space can seem daunting, but starting small can make the task easier. This is not a process to be rushed, so allow enough time to go through the living space to tackle each room, one at a time, beginning with smaller areas like a closet or bathroom, and eventually working up to larger spaces like a garage or attic. Sort items into piles of things to keep, things to throw away, and things to give away.


Learn to Let Go

When it comes to downsizing and decluttering, parting with away items can be the most challenging part. If the “to keep” pile continues to grow beyond measure, take a moment to reflect on which items can be sacrificed. While there’s no need to part with every beloved item, consider finding other places for some things to serve a new purpose and add meaning elsewhere. Take stock of the things that would be good family heirlooms to pass on to descendants or items that would be useful to donate to a thrift store.


Make It A Party

To make things less of a chore, include friends and/or family in the downsizing or decluttering process. During this bonding time, discuss the stories behind beloved items and share them with loved ones. For those who are downsizing use this opportunity to create one more special memory in the home before downsizing to a smaller space.


Hopefully these spring cleaning tips can help you begin the new season with a sense of freedom and renewal.