Looking Toward a Year of Growth

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A message from President and CEO Ralph Gaines.

Unpredictability is something we’ve all felt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, world conflict and volatile economic pressures. This has certainly been true at Embrace Living Communities where we’ve had to adapt to changing landscapes to make sure our residents get the care and resources they need. Through the uncertainty, our staff, volunteers and donors have worked hard to make our mission and impact steadfast. They’ve kept residents safe, comfortable and hopeful. 

In 2023, Embrace Living Communities and our 2,500 residents are more stable than ever because of this unwavering support. We aim to grow our impact in new ways, yet we will never compromise the complete wellness of residents. 

Here are four ways we’re advancing our mission this year:


Revitalizing community spaces and individual units 

As a result of refinancing 12 properties, we’re redeveloping communal areas and individual dwellings in those communities this year. Over 1,000 will enjoy modernized amenities that meet ADA compliance standards. Lighting and plumbing fixtures will be enhanced using energy-efficient technologies as well. These modifications will reduce long-term costs and increase residents’ quality of life. 


Supporting resident health and wellness

Last year, we launched our Support Better Living Campaign to raise money to promote the mental and physical health of our residents to help them age well with dignity. We’re doing this by expanding programs to more residents, revitalizing community spaces and introducing wellness trainings to our community team members. These programs will be comprehensive, inclusive and accessible so that we move toward meeting the unique wellness needs of all residents.


Giving our team A Great Place to Work 

We were named one of the best small- to medium-sized workplaces in the country for aging services for five years in a row. Last year, 85% of our staff members said that Embrace Living was a great place to work, compared to 57% at the “typical company.” This is thanks to the mission-oriented nature of our work and the fact that our employees take that mission seriously, considering it in all they do to care for residents and each other. This honor carries into 2023, and our commitment to maintaining this designation is reflected in our continued efforts to create a healthy and supportive work environment.


Sharing our expertise to create more equitable communities 

Through our Embrace Living Property Solutions, we offer consulting services to help fellow mission-driven, affordable housing providers deinstitutionalize their communities and run their properties at the highest standards. We advise fellow providers on property upkeep, energy efficiency, HUD compliance and social service programming. Our rich history of property management experience allows us to share best practices, assuring that all affordable housing communities serve their residents effectively and with great care.


In 2022, we made significant progress amid unpredictable times, and we want to continue that momentum into 2023 as we prioritize health, wellness and culture, along with community and professional partnerships. I have faith that with your continued support, we will fulfill our mission, and I look forward to all we can accomplish together.


Ralph Gaines

Embrace Living Communities President and CEO