Continuing Our LeadingAge Commitments

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We are excited to attend the LeadingAge Illinois conference this month. As we prepare to meet with other leaders at nonprofits providing aging services, we are reminded of all the things we’ve learned at past conferences and are excited to build on at this upcoming event. LeadingAge is a trusted voice in aging services. With their resources and support, we will become even stronger as an organization looking to integrate diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) practices, effectively develop funds and help other organizations do the same.

Building on Our Commitment to DEI

We’ve discussed how DEI principles play out in our organization with 44% of our team being people of color, including at senior management levels. We also are proud to have a diverse family of residents who come from all over the world and bond with one another because of their unique and beautiful differences.

As we continue to strengthen our commitment to DEI, it’s important we do so in the context of the communities we are embedded in, understanding their demographics and what we can do to make sure our communities represent the diversity of the cities they’re in. We are excited to learn more about this in Illinois specifically as we talk with organizations in the region looking to adopt similar practices.

DEI is the basis of fair housing, and we are held accountable by LeadingAge to uphold these principles based on their commitment to doing the same. We anticipate our shared commitment will be reflected in the lessons we will learn at LeadingAge, which will undoubtedly inform our evolving initiatives to make sure we are being as equitable as possible in regard to diversity.

Fund Development for Resident Wellness

At the national LeadingAge conference last year, we learned about how our mission needs to be at the forefront of all our fund development efforts. This will especially be important as we continue to raise money for our “Let’s Get Moving Together” initiative, in which we invest in resources, programming and equipment to better the mental and physical well-being of our residents. We began “Let’s Get Moving Together” around the time of last year’s national conference, and we are excited to learn additional ways we can expand our efforts through fundraising to truly make this health initiative a success.

None of this would be possible without the generosity of donors who want to see our mission in action. Continuing to tell that story as we grow “Let’s Get Moving Together” will be important to keep donors informed of how their money is being put to good use as informed by our mission. As a supporter of nonprofits specifically, LeadingAge provides valuable and unique insights into fund development from an aging services perspective, and we look forward to learning more insights at the Illinois conference.

Providing Effective Solutions

We don’t want to keep the lessons we’ve learned to ourselves. We will continue to learn from partners such as LeadingAge and spread those insights. Combined with our over 125 years of experience, we have developed a wealth of knowledge that we are committed to sharing with other organizations in need of guidance and support. Follow along with our learnings at