How Aging Mothers Can Enjoy Mother’s Day Despite Life Changes

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One of the things that make holidays so special are the traditions we attach to them. But, the passing of time brings changes that sometimes alter those traditions we’ve held so closely to our hearts. The older we are, the more difficult it is to adjust. Despite what life throws at us, there is still plenty of joy and celebration to be had.

Here’s how aging mothers can enjoy Mother’s Day, regardless of shifting circumstances.


Changes in Environment

Home tends to be the gathering place for festivities with family and friends, so a relocation to a living facility can cause some uncertainty about where celebrations should take place. We’re unique in that many of our residents soon come to regard our communities as home, rather than a “facility.” In fact, many of our communities can be a wonderful location to host visitors for Mother’s Day.

Families can enjoy a meal in common dining areas, stroll through the beautifully maintained gardens together, or take in the spring view from one of the outdoor benches.


Change in Health

A decline in health is always challenging to deal with, especially in light of a holiday. Whether it’s physical limitations, depleted energy, or low spirits, illness can be frustrating. Despite a recent diagnosis or new illness, there can still be joy and celebration. One of the things that makes Mother’s Day special is spending it with loved ones, therefore, simply being in the presence of others can lift the spirit of someone who isn’t feeling so great. Instead of focusing on health limitations, use this time as an opportunity to reflect on good times with gratitude, as you appreciate the present for what it is.

Families can look through old photo albums, watch a favorite film together or retell beloved stories. 


Change in Neighbors

The people we surround ourselves with end up becoming a big part of our lives, whether or not we plan it that way. Moving into a new community can seem daunting at first, but through everyday interactions and sheer proximity, relationships can be formed. The more time we spend with others, the more we discover the many things we have in common. There are many mothers across our communities, and despite varied backgrounds and upbringings, that common thread of motherhood has more power than we know.

Aging mothers can discuss their favorite children and grandchildren with their neighbors who likely have their own stories they’d love to share.


These are just a few ideas on how aging mothers can celebrate the upcoming holiday. We hope that these suggestions inspire mothers and their loved ones to find joy and peace on this special day!