How Seniors Can Protect Themselves

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We provide safe, quality homes where older adults can feel comfortable living full, vibrant lives without worry. And though it’s great to see more of the aging population living independently, the need for crime and accident prevention remains. Despite their independence, seniors should still take certain precautions to ensure they can stay safe.

We’re grateful to have so many helpful neighborhood partners that keep seniors safe throughout our communities. Here are a few tips directly from the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Department to our residents:


Don’t Be An Easy Target  

One of the simplest things seniors can do, is try their best not to look like an easy target. Some actions they can take include:

  • Being alert and aware of surroundings
  • Walking with a purpose: head up and shoulders back
  • Not leaving a purse unattended in a shopping cart while at stores


Better safe than sorry

Sometimes gut reactions are founded. It’s important for seniors to trust their gut and speak up if something feels off to them. Seniors should be sure to:

  • Ask employees for help if the feel uneasy or threatened while out shopping
  • Go to a neighbor’s house and call the police if they arrive at home and notice that their door is broken in, or something doesn’t look right
  • Say something if they see something. Regularly being observant helps to identify suspicious characters


Guard The Home

If no place else, people should have peace in their own homes. Here’s how seniors can feel safe in their living space:  

  • Install motion sensor lights outside, or leave lights on inside the home when gone
  • Make sure any repairmen or workers have an appointment before allowing them in the home


Trust the Right People

Being a good judge of character is not just good for your ‘people skills,’ but can end up being a useful asset to your safety. One thing seniors can do is:

  • Get familiar with their neighbors. Exchange phone numbers and inform them before leaving for extended periods of time
  • Never give personal information out to callers over the phone, or over email


Remember, safety is the most important thing. By following these tips, seniors can increase their level of safety, regardless of where they live.