Health & Wellness Stories: Terry

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Terry is a resident at Castle Towers who came to Embrace Living after years of living unhoused. While living in a camper trailer, he got to know Laura, the manager at Castle Towers, who kept him informed of openings at the community. He has now lived there for almost five years.

As a recovering alcoholic, Terry needed a strong community to hold him accountable and make sure he’s taking proper steps to support his health in productive ways. He has found this support system at Castle Towers as his fellow residents have become like family and all believe in supporting each other’s mental and physical wellness.

Terry is passionate about giving back to the community that has given so much to him, whether that be shoveling snow, sending thoughtful letters or being a compassionate neighbor as he sees fit. He is always looking for opportunities to assist and advocate on behalf of the friends he has made during his time at Castle Towers and credits his faith in God with informing this commitment.

Every night, Terry thanks God for giving him another day, a practice he encourages his grandchildren to adopt as well. No matter how the day went, Terry remembers how tough times were before he came to Castle Towers and is thankful for the opportunities and home it has provided him. Though he struggles with chronic pain, Terry now has access to resources to help him stay healthy and connected.