Fun, Festive Holiday Activities to Enjoy (Inspired by Our Communities)

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The holiday season holds a certain level of mysticism for children, that they often carry until it evolves into something more mature in adulthood. Excitement for things like Santa Claus, presents and sledding are traded in for a more relaxed appreciation for quality time with loved ones, cherished memories or good holiday meals.

Though times of enjoyment may be common for older adults- regardless of the season- instances of pure, unadulterated fun can be a bit more rare. At this time of year, festive opportunities for fun are all around- and there’s no better time for older adults to start taking advantage of these moments when they present themselves.

Enjoy our guide to help bring out your inner child with a bit of festive, fun holiday activities and outings, inspired by our communities.


Enjoy the Snow

Last year, some of our residents ventured out onto snowy grounds to build a snowman together, who they named “Mr. Greencastle.” While outside, a resident even decided to make a snow angel!

The winter weather often ends up being thought of as a nuisance and even a threat to aging individuals; however, this season can be safely enjoyed (so long as ice is carefully avoided and the cold is tolerable). The snow can be a great excuse to bond with your neighbors. Next time there’s enough snow on the ground, gather up some folks to try to build something together. Or, for some quality “you” time, get some fresh air with a brisk stroll through the winter wonderland.  


See the Christmas Lights

Recently, residents took a bus to visit the Nicholas Conservatory’s display of Christmas lights.

As with every special occasion, Christmas is a holiday that gives people a perfect excuse to decorate. Whether or not you’re looking for decor inspiration for your own living space, take a look at some of the lights in your own neighborhood and pick out your favorites. Or, to see something truly spectacular, go see a professional holiday lights display.


Decorate a Tree

One of our communities decorated a “Joy Tree,” completely adorned with ornaments that have written messages of the things or people that bring residents joy.

Decorating the tree is one of the most cherished festive activities, often symbolizing the beginning of the holiday season. Many people use the same ornaments that they’ve saved over the past Christmases, but this year, put a twist on an old tradition by making your own. This activity isn’t just about arts and crafts, it’s about taking the opportunity to reflect on the joy in our lives and sharing those things with pride.

Our residents who participated in decorating the community’s “Joy Tree” wrote down deep things like “hugs from my grandchildren,” to life’s simpler pleasures like, “a glass of wine.” Taking the time to make these ornaments is not only a great way to bond with neighbors, friends and family, but also offers a sense of gratitude and peace. 


As the famous carol goes, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” Make sure you make the most of these special times by being more open to these opportunities for holiday fun with others.