Embrace Living Recognized as a Best Workplace for Aging Services

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Embrace Living Communities has been recognized as the #2 Best Workplaces for Aging Services by Fortune Magazine. Through a nationally distributed survey, employees ranked their experience at Embrace Living highly across several areas. Among the highlights, 93% of employees say Embrace Living is a great place to work, and 98% say that they feel like they are making a difference through their work.

“Being a great place to work is a reflection of our people and culture, and that means that the environment that we have is one of more than just work, but one of community, association and mission,” says Ralph Gaines, Chief Executive Officer.

This environment of “more than just work” has helped the organization further its goals for improvement. “When you have the culture that we have, it really demonstrates a willingness at all levels to be better,” says Gaines. “It’s like that Japanese term kaizen, which means ‘continuous improvement.’ You can do that when you have an acknowledgement you can always improve, and the people here have a strong sense of purpose when they show up.”

The data offered from the survey confirms organizational success and provides areas of opportunity for managing properties and ensuring residents have the absolute best experience possible. “Our staff has positive attitudes, and I think that goes a long way,” says Gaines. “Residents are very aware of the community and how employees interact with each other and residents. When a resident sees employees who believe in what they’re doing, go the extra yard and want to improve, it makes them feel good because they know they’re part of a great environment.”

The results indicate Embrace Living employees’ commitment to the residents they serve, and that feeling is an asset for prospective third-party property owners as Embrace Living not only brings and facilitates a top notch culture for residents and staff at a property, but this culture is reflected in exceptional scores when it comes to regulatory and compliance requirements. With the launch of their Embrace Living Property Solutions services, which consists of property management, social services and consulting, they have expanded to focus on creating vibrant communities for property owners while achieving high compliance scores. “We’re in charge of making sure that we maintain buildings at certain levels,” says Gaines. “With a culture like ours, you have a much better chance of succeeding because of how committed our employees are to working together to go above and beyond.”

At the end of the day, Embrace Living operates on a philosophy that culture is everything, and this recognition is a reflection of that commitment, which Embrace Living employees live and breathe every day in every interaction with each other and with residents. They could not be more excited to have received this honor, and look forward to the ways they can continue to prove themselves as a quality, community-driven organization.