Embrace Living Communities Launches $225,000 Fund for Resident Health & Wellness Programs

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Embrace Living Communities provides affordable, welcoming communities to active seniors, and as such, does all it can to ensure the health and wellbeing of those that call it home. The experience of the residents goes beyond just their apartments. It also includes the amenities and programs that Embrace Living Communities provides to make the whole experience unique.

Recently, the organization decided to take the funds from a long-time donor’s will to help strengthen their health and well-being programs for the residents. “We know, especially in today’s environment, that prevention is a big part of the health of our seniors,” says Ralph Gaines, CEO of Embrace Living Communities. “With preexisting conditions causing further issues with viruses, we want to be able to support our residents’ wellness and make this a long-term strategy for our organization.”

Embrace Living Communities even took it a step further. On a call with Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth, Ralph talked about the scarcity of affordable senior housing and the impact of COVID-19 on residents. He spoke about how Embrace Living Communities worked to proactively provide more wellness programming for seniors to address some of the ongoing issues.

From that call, a representative from the Kott Memorial Trust reached out to share how they thought Embrace Living Communities might be a great candidate for a grant to assist with the health initiatives.

“That really opened up our thinking about where we could get additional funding from similar grants as we grow awareness and evolve our programs,” says Ralph. The organization applied for the grant and received an additional $50,000 to put towards its health and wellness initiative.

With a total of $225,000, Embrace Living Communities is buying exercise equipment for shared community spaces and creating wellness programs for its residents at targeted communities. The program is currently in the planning stages and the COVID-19 environment will dictate when it will be introduced to residents.

“Health and an active lifestyle is a big part of my own life experiences,” says Ralph. “I live and breathe it every day, and I want to take that same passion and bring it to those who both work here and to those who call it home.”

To learn more about Embrace Living Communities and how you can help further its mission to provide affordable, welcoming housing to active seniors, please click here.