Books That May Inspire You to Embrace Life

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Books are some of the many small joys we can partake in from very early on in life, up until advanced age. No matter the genre, they can provide an escape into another life or transport us to another world. Beyond offering our entertainment and a simple pleasure, these compelling stories also have the power to uplift and inspire us.

There are many well-known classics that are consistently mentioned in conversation about inspirational books, such as The Alchemist, The Five People You Meet in Heaven, or The Four Agreements. If you’ve already read those and are looking for some additional inspiration, here are some lesser-known reading suggestions that can help encourage you to embrace life.

I Dare You: Embrace Life with Passion by Joyce Meyer

In this inspirational manual, Christian personality Joyce Meyer offers a straightforward guide to leading a Christian life full of purpose and passion. With these simple, yet effect steps, readers can begin to enhance their lives in a fulfilling way.


The Fountain of Age by Betty Friedan

Without embracing the passage of time, the joys and growth that comes with aging cannot be gained. In this work, acclaimed scholar Betty Friedan shares her journey of growing older and examines how society impacts our perception- and ultimately our experience- of aging, as well as what can be done to change this.   


The Five Stages of the Soul by Harry R. Moody

As we age, our soul evolves, and drastic life events, whether positive or negative, affect that transformation. In this book, Harry R. Moody breaks down this spiritual journey into stages, and examines them with a combination of religion, psychology and literature to answer the ultimate question: what is the purpose of our existence? This answer may be different for everyone, but in The Five Stages of the Soul, readers may find comfort in newly gained perspective that confirms and clarifies life’s meaning.


The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews

The Butterfly Effect is not a new theory, but Andy Andrews’ book on the subject, offers a personal narrative of how our everyday decisions have a bigger impact than we may realize. After reading this book, readers may gain new inspiring insight into the power their lives hold.


Chicago Days: 150 Defining Moments in the Life of a Great City

Chicagoans can enjoy venturing back to the city’s rich past, with this collection of 150 different cultural and historical moments that helped shape it into the place it is today. In addition to a feeling a nostalgia for the old days and an appreciation for these memorable moments in time, readers can feel an exciting sense of possibility for creating fresh memories by taking advantage of the new things this city has to offer.