5 Senior-Friendly Activities to Enjoy This Fall

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Not everyone is a fan of change, but when it comes to the seasons, it’s hard not to graciously welcome what may come. The promise of new possibilities and opportunities bring an almost tangible energy to autumn, which make it a particularly magical time of year. This season, take advantage of the range of opportunities you can use to restore a sense of peace within yourself, or bond with loved ones and neighbors of any age.


1. Immerse yourself in nature 

One of fall’s signature signs is the crisp air and the changing vibrant colors of the falling leaves. There are several ways to immerse yourself in this natural beauty.

Gather a group for a hike through a local park, or go for a solo stroll around the neighborhood. Find a park bench and simply get lost in thought as you enjoy the fresh air and gorgeous scenery.

No matter if you decide to be social or solitary, simply being outdoors during this time can be a rewarding experience.


2. Participate in outdoor activities

Despite the cooler weather, there are several different outdoor activities to participate in this season.

Many farmers markets continue to operate through the end of the year, where you can buy fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition to produce, you can also walk away with other items ranging from homemade soaps to handmade jewelry and crafts.

Apple orchards are the perfect place to bring family and friends along for an outing. Hand picking the apples you’re going to later use to bake a pie or pack for lunch is not only fun, but special and rewarding.

Another festive activity for the family is to visit a pumpkin patch. Going for a hayride around the patch is a fun for little ones, and perfect for older ones to take in a stunning autumn view, while spotting that perfect pumpkin for carving.


3. Cook (and share) a meal

It’s good to eat healthy all-year round, but nutritious meals can be especially fulfilling due to the amount of available seasonal fall produce that ease become hearty meals.

Discover a new recipe or remix a traditional favorite, by substituting starches for various roasted squashes and gourds. This is a great way to bring color, flavor and nutrition to a meal.

If you have grandkids, invite them to help out with the preparation by having them wash the vegetables, season the food or even chop up the vegetables (if they’re old enough). Pack up the finished meal to enjoy during a picnic on a cool, sunny day.


4. Create a craft

Fall is known to be a season of rebirth, which urges the artist in all of us to create. Use your talents to make something that can reflect the beauty of the season, enhance the coziness of your living space, or even say “thank you” to a friend.

Paint or draw a picturesque fall landscape. Knit or crochet hats, scarves or mittens to keep loved ones warm in the autumn chill. Make candles decorated with multicolored leaves.

Halloween is the perfect excuse to decorate. With craft possibilities that range from a simple pumpkin to something more complex, you can be festive no matter your level of craft skills.


5. Bring the fall fun indoors

Though the fresh air of the outdoors may be calling you, fall can still be celebrated indoors.

If you prefer alone time, make yourself a cup of a popular fall beverage favorite like hot apple cider or cocoa, and sip as you watch your favorite film or work on piecing together a compelling puzzle.

For a day of fun and camaraderie, invite neighbors or loved ones to join you, or break out a deck of cards or a board game.