5 Garden Features at Embrace Living Communities You Can Use for Your Garden

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Embrace Living Communities has always made a commitment to fostering wellness that uplifts both our residents and their environment. One of the ways we’ve been able to uphold these values is through recent additions and projects at several community gardens within the Embrace Living Communities system.  Community gardens have the power to bring residents together and create a sense of respect and purpose among one another.

Embrace the few remaining weeks of summer with some garden design inspiration from us that can help bring peace and community connection to your living space and daily life.



A Greencastle of Bayonet Point resident maintains the raised bed planters. (Tampa Bay, Florida)

Consider using raised planter beds to transform your outdoor space. Several of our Embrace Living Communities, like the one pictured in Tampa Bay, Florida (Greencastle of Bayonet Point), have incorporated this feature into their gardens, allowing access to visitors of all physical abilities. Not only does this feature minimize back pain- it also provides a modern look to the space.

Additional Tip:  For another option, try a modified version of raised planter beds by using easily adjustable hanging plants.



Photo of the beautiful zen waterfall in the Greencastle of Barrington community garden. (Barrington, Illinois)

One of our Embrace Living Communities in Barrington, Illinois (Greencastle of Barrington) has an award-winning waterfall that brings tranquility to its residents. Create your own sense of serenity by putting a small fountain or water pool in your garden. Whether you have an elaborate outdoor garden space or a minimalistic indoor set up, this area will be peaceful and special.

Additional Tip: Both indoor and outdoor fountains are available for a reasonable price at your local Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond or other superstore.



Residents of Greencastle of Morgan Park release the butterflies they’ve grown in their garden. (Chicago, Illinois)

One of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is watching new life grow. Bond with loved ones by setting up a butterfly garden like our Greencastle of Morgan Park (Chicago, Illinois) community staff and residents. Simply research host plants for caterpillars and nectar plants for common butterfly species in your area to get your butterfly garden started.



The sunflowers of the Greencastle of Mulford community. (Rockford, Illinois)

Everyone has a favorite flower. Why not make yours the focal point of your garden?

The Greencastle of Mulford (Rockford, Illinois) community has a variety of beautiful flowers, but their six different sunflowers are known to bring a bit of sunshine to residents. Identify a flower that is special to you and plant throughout your garden space.



A photo of Greencastle of Palatine’s cherry red tomato and red pepper vegetable trug planter. (Palatine, Illinois)

Invite others to help with your harvest, then reap the benefits of your dedication and hard work together. Using fresh herbs or produce from your garden to prepare a hearty meal is a delicious way to share meaningful moments with loved ones and build lasting connections with others.


Here are some other beautiful gardens found at Embrace Living Communities:


Greencastle of Elmhurst community garden in Elmhurst, Illinois.

Beneva Oaks community garden in Sarasota, Florida.

Castle Towers community garden in Bensonville, Illinois.


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