5 Fantastic Holiday & Seasonal Card Ideas Inspired By a Community Resident

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Many creative individuals call Embrace Living Communities their home. One of them is Connie Giocomelli, who volunteers five days a week at the front desk at Greencastle of Elmhurst to greet people with a smile. She also brings joy to others through her talent for crafting projects, particularly making cards.



Here are some samples of her work that can inspire your own festive card creations:


Halloween is a kid-favorite holiday. Use colorings hanging on the refrigerator or  have the children in your life create a drawing for you to then glue and feature on your card.



If you can’t go all out with decorating your living space, put all your creative ideas on the card, like this one that highlights the spookiest house on the block.



Use the natural beauty of the changing seasons as inspiration for your work, like this card featuring vibrant, colorful autumn leaves.




Look for ways to make your card unique. Attaching bells or other 3D details to your holiday card is a fun way to make it stand out from the rest.




Using glitter on your Christmas card is sure to make your it sparkle and shine as bright as the ornaments on the tree.