Consulting Services Leadership

We are fortunate to have a strong leadership team overseeing consulting services at Embrace Living Communities. Working together with 60 years of experience to bring the best in operations and protocols to our housing communities, these talented leaders continue to live out our mission and values in all they do.

Ralph Gaines | Chief Executive Officer

Ralph Gaines is the Chief Executive Officer of Embrace Living Communities. He is responsible for creating and implementing the organization’s vision and direction, and responsible for creating, planning and integrating the organization’s strategic growth initiatives. He oversees overall operations and is responsible for directing management activities at our 34 living communities in Illinois, Florida and Missouri that are homes to more than 3,000 residents.

John Diehl | Senior Director of Housing Operations

John Diehl is the Senior Director of Housing Operations of Embrace Living Communities. John provides general oversight and leadership for housing community systems, operations, compliance and budget management. In this role, he further supports the organization in bringing bold and innovative solutions to our communities.

Our 125-year commitment to serving people in need.

We have experienced change through our long history, but our mission to serve aging adults with communities that embrace living has remained.

Board of Directors

Embrace Living Communities Corporate Board of Directors
  • Scott Meyer
  • Anne Oliva
  • Ruth Carlson
  • William Hassett
  • Tonya Pitts
  • Bonnie Condon
  • Karen Latimer
  • Jim Sellers
Apostle Village Board of Directors
  • Kay Tracy
  • Rev. Jim Page II
  • Joel Rentz
  • Barbara Schommer
  • Dianna Hinkley
  • Lori Brown
  • Jonathan Pudas
  • Jeanne Morris
Sarasota Area Housing Board of Directors
  • Irving Woods
  • Wesley Bixby
  • Harry Hobson
  • Catherine Eaton
  • James Crumel
  • Nancy Hobson
  • Lynn Jones
Illinois Housing Board of Directors
  • Rev. Bonnie Condon
  • Nathan Briggs
  • Nichole Edmonds
  • Rev. Jesse Knox
  • Todd Thorson
Bayonet Point Board of Directors
  • David Meachum
  • Lynette Grabowski
  • Linda Rowland
  • Suzanne Meachum
  • Anne McNamara
Bethel Area Housing & Bethel Area Housing South Board of Directors
  • Patricia Armstrong
  • Vernon Bohlmeyer
  • Karen Aikens
  • Mary Guevel
  • Jeannie Kenyon
  • Shirlee Mendon