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Greencastle of Allerton

Greencastle of Allerton consists of 20 apartments and is located in Rockford, Illinois.

The community has multiple large outdoor areas with gardens in the spring and summer months. A Protestant church is on campus, and local grocery and pharmacy stores are nearby. The community has its own bus for residents, and public transportation is in walking distance as well.

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Community Features

Greencastle of Allerton Garden & Outdoor Activities Garden & Outdoor Activities
Greencastle of Allerton Recycling Center Recycling Center
Greencastle of Allerton Computer Center Computer Center
Greencastle of Allerton Personal Care Activities and Amenities Personal Care Amenities & Activities
Greencastle of Allerton Service Coordinator Dedicated Social Service Coordinator
Greencastle of Allerton Handicap Accessible Apartments Handicap Accessible Apartments
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Volunteer Opportunities
Indoor & Outdoor Games Coordinators

Lead social engagement activities including card and board games and outdoor bean bag baseball, Connect 4 and more.

Encouragement Card Writers

Be a volunteer to lead our residents in creating encouragement cards for hospice patients, the VA and local hospitals. These cards send positive messages to others.

Journalists & Writers

Leaving My Legacy is a project that assists residents to share their stories and write down their feelings – partnered with a photographer this program provides priceless memories for our residents.

Animal Therapy

Bring a certified therapy animal to visit one of our communities to reduce stress and bring smiles to our residents.


Photograph events or resident portraits for holidays or as a part of the Leaving My Legacy project.

Care Package Assemblers

Help with welcome home bags as more residents complete their moves. Health and hygiene, laundry products, etc.

Gardening Helpers

Beautify a local community by planting flowers, trees and vegetation.


Seeking dentists to offer services at no cost and have appointment slots at their offices for those in need at our communities.


Provide podiatry services to residents.


Provide onsite hearing testing and options for hearing aids.


Provide onsite eye exams and new prescription glasses to residents.

Arts & Crafts

Teach an art class or instruct a beginning to intermediate project to engage residents creatively.


Perform and/or teach sing-a-long songs for residents to enjoy.

English as Second Language Tutors

Help residents, specifically Spanish and Mandarin-speaking, learn English as their second language. This opportunity is perfect for former language instructors.

Translators & Interpreters

Our residents come from many cultures and sometimes meetings occur during which interpretation would be beneficial. Languages sought: Russian, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Polish and Spanish.

Technology Assistants

Help residents learn more about using smartphones, computers, and related software programs like email, internet, and social media platforms as part of our Passport to Technology program.

Partnership Opportunities

Greencastle of Allerton is frequently in need of local community partners that can provide services, including: exercise / fitness instruction, nutrition education, therapy services, food assistance, beauty services, healthcare services, religious studies / teaching, art and music instruction and more.

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Greencastle of Allerton
5921 Allerton Drive
Rockford, IL 61114
(815) 316-0490

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Greencastle of Allerton

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As a nonprofit, Greencastle of Allerton relies on federal funding and personal donations to operate. Your donation will directly contribute to the sustainability and success of our communities. Donations are tax-exempt as part of Embrace Living Charities.

Funds new exercise equipment

Recumbent exercise bike

Provides gardening materials, plants, compost and soil

Funds resident bus trip

Funds a front-end loader for tractor (landscaping)

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