Resident Stories:

Kim's Story

Kim Story

“Moving to Orchard Place of Sarasota (Florida) is the biggest difference in the whole wide world”, Kim exclaims when discussing her prior housing situation. There, she often felt isolated and alone, and the environment was drug infested and crowded with security guards. It wasn’t until she visited her parents in nearby Venice Beach that she found the Orchard Place of Sarasota community and uncovered the peace she was looking for… and deserved.

Now, Kim enjoys creating friendships with her neighbors over game nights and coffee chats in the morning. She takes advantage of the nice outdoor areas around the community, and when she is alone, she spends time with her beloved cat. What a difference…the biggest in the whole wide world.

When our residents are well, they are more engaged and happy parents and grandparents, and they contribute to the welfare of their greater communities.

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