About Us

Affordable. Welcoming. Home Providing actively aging adults affordable, welcoming homes in communities that embrace living.

Founded in 1895 by the Evangelical and Reformed denomination, our mission continues as a non-profit 501(c)3, full service management corporation, and to partner in the development and management of ecologically and financially sustainable affordable housing that strengthens communities.

We believe:

Board of Directors

Embrace Living Communities Corporate Board of Directors
  • Scott Meyer
  • Anne Oliva, Executive Vice President & CFO
  • Ruth Carlson, Finance Chair
  • Bonnie Condon
  • William Hassett
  • Karen Latimer
  • Tonya Pitts
  • Jim Sellers
Apostle Village Board of Directors
  • Kay Tracy
  • Rev. Jim Page II
  • Lori Brown
  • Joel Rentz
  • Jonathan Pudas
  • Barbara Schommer
  • Jeanne Morris
  • Dianna Hinkley
Sarasota Area Housing Board of Directors
  • Irving Woods
  • Wesley Bixby
  • James Crumel
  • Harry Hobson
  • Nancy Hobson
  • Catherine Eaton
  • Lynn Jones
Illinois Housing Board of Directors
  • Rev. Bonnie Condon
  • Nathan Briggs
  • Nichole Edmonds
  • Rev. Jesse Knox
  • Todd Thorson
Bayonet Point Board of Directors
  • David Meachum
  • Lynette Grabowski
  • Linda Rowland
  • Suzanne Meachum
  • Anne McNamara
Bethel Area Housing & Bethel Area Housing South Board of Directors
  • Hance Pierson
  • Patricia Armstrong
  • Vernon Bohlmeyer
  • Karen Aikens
  • Mary Guevel
  • Jeannie Kenyon
  • Shirlee Mendon

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Staff Iris
Iris Berg

Senior Director of Social Service & Quality
John Diehl

Senior Director, Housing Operations
Staff Ed
Ed Havlovic

Director of Plant Operations, All Communities
Staff Anne
Anne Oliva

Executive Vice President & Chief Finance Officer
Staff David
David Opitz

Senior Director of Mission Services

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Service Coordinator Program

The Embrace Living Communities Service Coordinator Program consists of dedicated social service personnel that provide valuable information and referrals to residents and their families regarding supportive services that can maintain resident independence successfully, allowing them to live in their home for as long as possible.

As part of our Service Coordinator Program, service coordinators:

Management services include:

  • Work with community managers to plan and provide educational programs and connect
    people with resources that promote healthy living, wellness and independence

    • Types of programs include: (more information below)
    • Health related services
    • Quality of life support & workshops
    • Financial education programs
    • Community volunteering and outreach
    • Special programs
    • Documentation review services
  • Help residents locate necessary services that will prevent or greatly reduce premature
    admission to institutionalized care
  • Advocate for residents and the community
  • Inform residents on important housing and medical documents
  • Empower residents to advocate for themselves
Health Related Services
  • Osteoporosis screenings
  • Eye Health screenings
  • Diabetes screenings
  • Cholesterol screenings
  • Blood pressure screenings
  • H.I.V screenings
  • Safe sex forums
  • Mental health services
  • Substance abuse referrals
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Comprehensive care management
Quality of Life Support & Workshops
  • Homemaker assistance
  • Home health aid adult day care
  • Incontinent supplies
  • Medical equipment procurement
  • On-Site bookmobile library
  • Fire safety workshop
  • On-Site fresh markets
Financial Education Programs
  • CEDA/LIHEAP assistance
  • Lifeline assistance program
  • Renters insurance program
  • Cable services
Community Culture & Volunteer Outreach
  • Monthly birthday celebrations
  • Monthly resident meeting
  • Movie days
  • Weekly exercise classes
  • Games (bingo, cards, etc)
  • Gardening program
  • Beauty / Personal care services
  • Resident volunteer program
  • Musical and theatrical events
  • Special events
Special Programs
  • Emergency ID bracelets
  • Commodities supplemental food program
  • Food pantry program
  • Senior health insurance program
  • Meals on wheels
Documentation Review Services
  • RTA / CTA Para - transit assistance
  • Public assistance & food stamps
  • Medicaid renewal
  • Medicaid renewal

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Employment & Volunteer Opportunities

Our team consists of professionals that care unconditionally for others. Compassion for others is not something that our employees turn on once they come to work, but rather it’s a passion that influences everything they do that moves our organization forward each day. Our employees are apart of a 130+ person family built on teamwork and respect. And, just like our residents, employees are embraced at every step. We invite you to learn more about working and volunteering at Embrace Living Communities.

Our History

Our organization has a storied history dating back over 120 years. We’ve evolved with the times in order to give people a quality and safe place to call home. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve always done what is right for those we serve and God.